Dangerous Prayers Part 1- "Search Me"

Date 3/22/2020

Speaker:  Pastor Nathaniel Foote

Psalm 139

Bottom Line:  Ask God to search your heart, then listen.

Questions to talk about:

  • Why do you think it's important to ask God to search you?
  • Is there anything that seems to cause you constant or unnecessary anxiety?  How will you begin to trust God with this fear?
  • Read Psalm 139

 Dangerous Prayers Part 2:  "Help My Unbelief"

Date:  3/29/2020

Speaker:  Pastor Nathaniel Foote

Mark 9:24

Bottom Line:  Be honest with Jesus about your doubts.

Questions to talk about:

  • In what areas do you struggle with pain, doubt, confusion, or even cynicism?
  • Read Mark 9:24.  How can the father have both faith and unbelief at the same time?  How can you have both at the same time?
  • In what situations do you find yourself where you need to cry out to God to help your unbelief?

Dangerous Prayers Part 3:  "Not My Will"

Date:  4/5/2020

Speaker:  Pastor Nathaniel Foote 

Mark 14:32-42

Bottom Line:  Surrender your will to a never changing God in an ever-changing world.

Questions to talk about:

  • Read Mark 14:32-42
  • Have you ever fallen asleep at an inappropriate time?  Share the story (what was the scenario, what were the consequences).
  • Why do you think Jesus took Peter, James and John aside with Him to pray?  Who are people in your life who you can "take with you" when you pray?
  • What sort of temptation do you think Jesus was talking about?  How does the life of prayer guard against temptation in our lives?