When Necessary - "Footsteps of the Sent"

Date:  3/1/2020

Speaker:  Pastor Nathaniel Foote

Romans 1:13-15

Bottom Line:  Every Christ-follower is sent to connect people to Jesus.

When Necessary - "Heart Check"

Date:  3/8/2020

Speaker:  Pastor Nathaniel Foote

Matthew 9:9-13

Bottom Line:  Jesus came to save sinners.

When Necessary - "Spread Hope"

Date:  3/15/2020

Speaker:  Pastor Nathaniel Foote

Matthew 5:14-16

Bottom Line:  Christ-followers are sent to share hope.

Questions to talk about:

  • Are you dealing with any fears or anxieties right now?  What are they?
  • Would you describe your faith as more of a weekly faith or a daily faith?  What are some ways you could live out your faith more during the week?
  • Read Matthew 5:14-16.  What does it look like to shine your light to others?